Mahipalpur, which was till a few years ago a sleepy village, has today become a glittering locality abuzz with the activities of tourists. It is close to the IGI Airport and has developed as a center of recreation for passengers waiting for their next connecting flights.I chose Mahipalpur as my [more...]
Nainital is a beautiful hill station in Uttarakhand. Its name comes from Goddess Naina Devi and the lakes TalliTal and MalliTal. Nainital is close to the capital Delhi and attracts large numbers of tourists all through the year because of pleasant weather conditions. ​You can have even more fun here [more...]
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Have you been to Mahipalpur recently? This beautiful locality which was once upon a time a sleepy village is the cynosure of all eyes today. Mahipalpur has developed at a fast pace taking advantage of its proximity to the IGI Airport. It is full of high-quality restaurants, cafes, and showrooms [more...]
Have you heard a lot about the culture and cuisine of Hyderabad and are eager to visit this magnificent city? There is no doubt that with so many historic structures and delicious cuisine, Hyderabad is indeed one of the most beautiful cities in India. But what you will discover when [more...]
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I am a 35-year-old man working as an executive in a multinational bank. Being in a managerial position, I find myself attending various conferences and seminars on behalf of my bank in different cities across India. One place where I make sure to go is Udaipur, a beautiful city in [more...]
Aerocity is a very famous locality in Delhi close to the IGI Airport. It has become a popular commercial, financial and entertainment hub for all the tourists arriving in Delhi. You will find lots of restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and showrooms selling big international brands in Aerocity.You can spend your [more...]
There is hardly a man in Delhi who doesn’t know about the grandeur of Aerocity and its opulent and Luxurious showrooms. This locality close to the IGI Airport is a very favorite place of time pass for the locals because of its shops, restaurants, and bars full of tourists. If [more...]
Delhi is the capital of India where hundreds of thousands of tourists come all around the year. It is also visited by lots of businessmen and executives. There are many tourist attractions in Delhi and also exciting activities that you can indulge in. However, you will need the company of [more...]
Mahipalpur is a village near IGI Airport in Delhi. It is so modern and developed that you hardly believe your eyes when you visit this locality. It is full of big showrooms, restaurants, and hotels making it look like a modern city. It is possible to have tons of fun [more...]
You are a workaholic with work on your thoughts on a 24X7 basis. You hardly get time to take a rest to rejuvenate your body and mind. However, now that you are in Mahipalpur and away from your family and home, it is a wonderful opportunity to take a break [more...]
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